Tanuki Miami Review – Quite Enjoyable

Tanuki Miami is a funky Sushi spot that is worth a visit. We enjoyed the vibe, decor, mixology and cuisine!  Tanuki is a Russian restaurant chain, with 60 locations throughout Moscow and South Beach is its first U.S. location. Tanuki, which is named after an adorable Japanese raccoon dog and is of course the restaurant’s mascot with a giant statue of it inducing smiles as you enter this cool venue. Asia style graffiti line the walls along with real Samurai swords that sadly the waiter would not let me use to cut my sashimi.

Tanuki has an deeeeeep menu, with well over 150 items, so we will walk you through some of our faves, but let us start with its fascinating libations! There are 2 that we absolutely adored for their balance, uniqueness and scrumptious natures:


Soul Cachaca, Green Tea Matcha, Fresh Lime Juice, Simple Syrup &



Togorashi Chili infused Vida Mezcal, Mirin, Pineapple, Black Pepper, Lime juice, Smoked Agave.

This Crispy Snapper with kataifi, butter lettuce, jalapeno relish, aioli might have been our most loved dish of the night! The snapper was super crunchy as it should be to contrast the supple butter lettuce and the jalapeno relish was a beautiful touch.

The Truffled Yellowtail – yellowtail, chili daikon, avocado, tenkasu was a succulent roll that was not smothered with truffle, so you could appreciate the other ingredients.

The Dim Sum collection is quite enticing. You can do a mix of all, but our faves were definitely the Chicken Truffle Siu Mai as well as the Mushroom & Potato!

They also do a weekend Dim Sum Brunch where you can get 3 pieces for only $7!

We enjoyed the Snapper Kara-Age – flash fried whole fish, xo sauce, vegetables. make sure to pick out the fish from around the head as it is some of the best part!

The Shedonist could not stop foodgasming from the Green Matcha Lava Cake! A wonderful twist on the played chocolate lava cake. Much lighter, healthier and sexier!

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