Tanuki Sunday Brunch 11AM-3PM

If you’re looking for a quality Miami Beach brunch, just visit Tanuki, a premium sushi restaurant serving top-notch sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and other Asian specialties. Along with lunch and dinner, you can join us for Sunday brunch too. What delectable brunch items can get on Sunday, you wonder? Good question – we have lots to offer! From dazzling cocktails, mimosas, and fine wines to an assortment of sushi and pan-Asian dishes, delicious entrees, and mouth-watering desserts, we have something for everyone. Come hungry to the best brunch in Miami Beach and leave satisfied with our fine gourmet foods.

Sunday Brunch Cocktails

What better way to kick off a Miami Beach brunch than with a cocktail? With an assortment of homemade beverages, we have just the thing you need to get your sushi brunch started. Some drinks on our brunch menu include Tori, Tamashi, and the Lychee Martini. The Tori features Nikkey gin, lime juice, simple syrup, egg whites, St. Germain, and cucumber for a refreshing spin. The Tamashi consists of green matcha, simple syrup, coconut crème, egg whites, lime juice, and passion fruit puree. Our upscale Lychee Martini features sake, lemon juice, vodka, and lychee juice. Instead of a cocktail, you might decide a glass of wine or a mimosa completes the best brunch instead.

Sunday Brunch South Beach Miami Mimosa

Brunch Appetizers

After libations, it’s time for a delicious sushi brunch. You have a choice of assorted sushi rolls featuring fresh fish and vegetables. Maki, nigiri, and sashimi are some “can’t-miss” options. The Sunday brunch menu also contains numerous mouth-watering appetizers to get started. The best brunch in town can begin with a hot bowl of miso soup or a healthy spicy green salad. Egg rolls are also on the menu. Other items on our sushi brunch menu include authentic fried rice and steaming hot stir-fried vegetables.

For those who like fish and meat dishes, we have plenty to offer during Sunday brunch, too. This includes fresh oysters, curry mussels, and tuna crispy rice. Our brunch menu also includes pork belly buns and chicken wings, along with Asian-style chicken. Ribs and freshly made gyoza are other delicacies you’ll find on our comprehensive Miami beach brunch menu.

Sunday Brunch South Beach Miami MimosaSunday Brunch South Beach Miami Mimosa
Main Entrees

Our main course has even more tantalizing options. If you’re having a hard time deciding which dish to try, consider getting the dim sum, which is a chef’s selection of six items. Other options for the main course include cashew chicken, prepared with assorted vegetables and cashews, and crispy shrimp tempura, which comes with soba dashi and vegetables. Flash-fried snapper, paired with vegetables and a scrumptious sauce, is another standout item. If you consider the best brunch to include steak, you’ll want to try out our ribeye steak finished with a tantalizing steak sauce, soy glazed onions, and broccolini. Another good option is the Tanuki skirt steak, which is a steak prepared Korean-style. The grilled salmon, another popular sushi brunch item, is another good choice.

Sunday Brunch Dessert

The other items on our Miami beach brunch menu are so appealing that you might have little room left for dessert. But be sure to save room for one of our delicious post-meal treats! Our chef will bring a special sushi brunch dessert to the table for everyone to try. Mochi and assorted cakes are some of the brunch desserts you might find.

If you’re looking for the best Miami Beach brunch, just visit Tanuki sushi restaurant. With a mouth-watering selection of brunch cocktails, spirits, delicious pan-Asian appetizers, freshly made sushi and impressive desserts, we have a variety of fine options to complete your best brunch experience.


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