Remixing A Classic

A drink that’s synonymous with the winter holidays, eggnog is benefiting from a premium push on cocktail menus as bartenders incorporate the sweet beverage into a range of creative concoctions for the winter months. Eggnog’s nostalgia factor and versatile spice component complement several spirits, from rum and brandy to Bourbon and Scotch. Bartenders often make their own eggnogs to add an upscale feel and cater to their more sophisticated guests.

Thomas Latosone, the bar manager at Miami Beach’s Pan-Asian eatery Tanuki, also makes his own eggnog for winter cocktails. He emphasizes its sweet, creamy and frothy attributes, noting that it works well with spirits that have bold and spicy flavors like Cognac, Bourbon, amaretto and Frangelico liqueur. Tanuki offers two eggnog drinks, The Old ’Nog ($15)—mixing vanilla-infused Maker’s Mark Bourbon with Frangelico liqueur and eggnog—and the Frozen Eggnog ($15), comprising Hennessy VSOP Cognac, Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream liqueur, almond syrup and eggnog. “Eggnog is very versatile and acts perfectly in a dessert cocktail or in a drink on a cold night,” Latosone says. “It can be seen as a sophisticated mixology ingredient, but it depends on how you present it, serve it and mix it.”

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