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Eat your way through Asia without ever leaving the table

Miamians can’t seem to get enough of Asian food—from dim sum to Korean Bao buns to ramen and, of course, the universal favorite, sushi—the options are not only endless; they continue to grow. Tanuki, with its masterfully prepared delicacies originating from all over the Asian continent, should be at the top of your list when you’re trying to choose where to get your Asian food fix. Japanese, Thai, Korean, Malaysian and Chinese specialties are all here on one comprehensive menu, so there’s no need to make that agonizing choice between one cuisine or the other—you can simply mix and match. Now, this may take some time, given the lengthiness of the menu. Tops on our list, however, are the Tanuki Burger, comprising tuna, crispy rice, avocado, jalapeño and shisho; the Pork Belly Fuku Bun stuffed with Korean BBQ and pickled onions; and the Dim Sum Selection, which is perfect for sharing with 10 pieces of five kinds of dumplings. The Maki selection is also intriguing—think Beet Goat Cheese Maki, with truffle, walnut and citrus vinaigrette; Truffled Yellowtail, with chili daikon, avocado and tenkasu; and a Lobster Roll with cucumber, masago, drawn butter and ponzu rolled in rice paper. Add to that a selection of tiraditos and ceviches, noodle and rice dishes, and a variety of cocktails, sakes, wines and beers so extensive, you’ll probably have to make a few return visits to try out all that appeals. And it’s a safe bet that’ll be OK with you.

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1080 Alton Road, Miami Beach, 305.615.1055; tanukimiami.com