2017 Yelpies – Miami Edition

2017 Yelpies – Miami Edition

Everyone was feeling pretty Yelpy on Monday, January 22nd, as 75 members of the Yelp Miami Elite Squad gathered to celebrate their achievements in 2017. Tanuki, in South Beach, hosted the annual Yelpies, an award ceremony to reward some of our amazing Yelp Miami Elites. The squad spent a fun-filled evening mingling, sipping cocktails and eating delicious food at Tanuki as our CM, Diandra L, announced the 2017 awards.

As the Yelpers arrived, they were greeted with a welcome cocktail, and ushered into a beautiful restaurant, that was dressed up for the Yelpies. There was a stage, a DJ, a photobooth, waiters wearing Yelp sunglasses, and the iconic Tanuki statue decked out in Yelp swag. The night flowed through periods of award-giving, munching, mingling, and moving to beats from Joey  Tracks. No one could deny the freshness and deliciousness of the Tanuki bites provided. Some favorites were the Mini Tanuki Burgers (tuna tartare with avocado and shiso on a patty of sushi rice), the shishito peppers with yuzu miso sauce, and the dim-sum, which included peking duck and shrimp dumplings. Spice-lovers were also infatuated with the Jalisco Spicy cocktail, made with Cazadores Blanco Tequila, passion fruit, jalapeno, mint and lime.

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