About Tanuki

Tanuki is a gateway to an authentic Pan-Asian culinary experience serving dishes and drinks from all over the Orient. Located on the ever-bustling Alton Road at the corner of 11th Street, our South Beach restaurant is hailed by both critics and customers as one of the best places to eat in South Beach. Thoughtfully curated and updated by executive chef Drew Andrade, Tanuki’s menu features all sorts of signature entrees, such as sushi, sashimi, dim sum, and the Peking Duck, but with a contemporary approach to preparation and presentation. In addition to an impressive sake and wine list, unique Asian-inspired cocktails compliment the cuisine. Inspired by a Japanese raccoon dog known as Tanuki that carries great folkloric significance, we believe that we can bring the myth of happiness and good fortune behind this gullible, yet also sometimes mischievous animal to life with the right combination of food, fun, and leisure.


Come join us on a culinary tour of the Far East. When creating dishes, our Asian restarant prefers to stay true to our cultural influences, and therefore uses only traditional seasonings and ingredients. Our soul-soothing cuisine is there to bring friends and families together, to satiate your hunger, and deliver something entirely new to your senses.

Asian food is considered to be more than just a burst of flavors. It is endowed with many philosophies, sayings, etiquettes, and beliefs, where a well-balanced diet of meat, rice, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and spices is essential to make a person fully appreciate the taste of food and life.

Feel free to check out the offers from our South Beach restaurant menu and let us cook meals for you which pique your interest the most.

The Figure

Tanuki is a magical shape-shifting raccoon-fox with an interest in encouraging generosity and cheerfulness among winers and diners. Boasting supernatural powers, he has reformed from his mischievous tendencies into a benevolent rascal that represents good luck, prosperity and success. Tanuki figures are found throughout Japan, especially in and around restaurants where they beckon drinkers and diners to enter and enjoy life through food and beverage. As a fun-loving figure, good fortune is denoted through his specific traits including:
    A big belly, signifying bold and calm decision-making
    A big tail, symbolizing steadiness and strength
    Big eyes, indicating the capability to judge the environment and make good decisions
    A structured hat, representing readiness and protection against the bad weather/bad times
    A friendly smile, offering a friendly attitude toward customers

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